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16 seeds with different grow medium (newbie)

I got 13 feminized seed from Vancouver seed bank on my last trip there. I live smwhere that my options are very limited…
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First Ever Newbie Summer Bud Contest

Canabuz here. Just wanted to star my thread for the contest, Back story, These plant started sprouting in the vegg garden. I would…
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newbie starting 2 auto bluemazar and 2 syrup

Hey to everyone As the title states i am a newbie at growing and on these type of forums but i want everyone…
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Legislative Laws by State?

🙂 Kk, medicinal marijuana laws were passed in DC recently, but since I’m a newbie to the 420 scene, I need someone to…
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is this plant flowering? (pics inside)

well i’m a newbie and i can’t really tell if this plant it’s begun to flower or not. should have switched to flowering…
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Newbie grower needs advice :o

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: Newbie grower needs advice 😮Posted: 08September2012 at 14:27 hey just change my…
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