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Smokers’ lounge : "burn one down" ben harper

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: "burn one down" ben harperPosted: 23February2012 at 10:23 one of the nicest…
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Nicest Glass Spoon/Pipe under 30 bucks?

Hey what are your guys nicest glass spoons/pipes under 30 bucks? 🙂 Mine will probably have to be:Via (only registered users can se…
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pretty bud got nanners

Found some nanners on my nicest bud (go figure) at the start of my last week of flowering..not many ambers but close enough…
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Whats wrong with my cat!!!??

So I have this cat called Gary, nicest cat you will ever meet. He has never hissed at person once in his entire…
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What do you like to do with Hash?

I am not very experienced with marijuana techniques and forms. I just acquired 2 grams of hash. I took a pinch of it…
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Trainwreck pickup

Just picked up a g of trainwreck and decided to take a picture. This isn’t all of it, just the nicest looking nug.…
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