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Re: Tucker Max quote of the day

Stripper ?Well, that?s your opinion, and you know opinions are like ass- holes, right? Everyone?s got one.?Tucker ?Opinions are NOT like assholes. You…
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The easiest bubble cloner ever

well, here is what you need 1 bottle of RO water Rooting hormone (optional)(i use TakeRoot powder) 1 Drop of SuperThrive (optional) SMALL…
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Its a constitutional right now!!!!!

Ive been trying to find out what the law is concerning ganja where I live in spain and woke up this morning to…
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WTF is up with G13 Haze?

😡 Sheesh, this is my SECOND grow of this mother f’er and I cannot get these plants to flower worth a crap. These…
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Ideas for a week of freedom?? :D

Ok so soon I’m going to have the house to myself for a whole week. My sister will be coming home for about…
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Making Brownies and shit.

Found this recipe for some brownies (which i wish i had looked at before trying to make brownies the first time) and i’m…
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