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Whats up GC

Been on this forum for awhile now. Just harvested my first automatic probable get about 2 grams nothing to brag about just lost…
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Get your 360 headset to work with your PS3 for a couple dollars

X-post from general: I have a Turtle Beach X12 headset that I use for my PC. I also have a PS3, and a…
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Custom bongs?

Where can I find a website, place or person who makes Custom bongs (nothing outraigous ) for around $300??? looking to get my…
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my anus is bleeding

So I remember watching this video years ago and I just stumbled across it again so I thought I’d share haha 🙂 Only…
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Keep bongs clean with honey

i tried to flavour my bong with some honey but it just sat at the base and did nothing much, but after cleaning…
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how to use the Search function

this is most likely a remedial question….but here goes. how to search for phrases in a search? for instance i want to find…
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