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Can we make our reality a fantasy, like a lucid dream?

What is it that makes the idea of lucid dreaming so attractive? I would say the attractions include the fact that there are…
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Thomas Edison time travel?

I’m all for giving him credit on his over 1000 patents, but something tells me that he traveled back in time and stole…
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Would you consider me a neocon?

Apparently I am. I have good company though, JP is too. Throw out any notions you have about the text I put up…
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State of the Union flow

My mind caged caught in a prison, My thoughts in need of exorcism, and as I stare through the prism, in search of…
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G13 Haze Seedsman – Cannabis Seeds

So, BrummieFarmer on the cheap mission again. This time it’s G13 Haze from Seedsman and after all the hype about the CIA creating…
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