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ATT D.E.A. And other enforcement agencys

Hi My name is not important I have a offer and I speak for everybody that smokes dope with no criminal intention Leave…
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Re: Pain management clinic’s

Ratzilla,I would feel remiss,if I didn't give you a warning here.Pain pills are addicting.Even on a low dose(Vicodan is like 1/2 mil.morphine and…
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How to change job offer

So I work at a restaurant for about 2 years now through high school and now been offered manager instead of the almost…
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Sandbox GBA games?

Are there any fun sandbox GBA games? I play them on my phone a lot when I get fucked up.. but since I’m…
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Chem #4 OG – CFL Stealth

Well hello any1 who followed my last grow will hav read about my misfortunes and know that the Police took my last grow…
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New boss wants to fly/meet out for a beer but doesn’t know I’m not 21 yet?

Got a fantastic job! He loves my work, he came to me for the job and wants to fly me out for dinner…
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