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Any RPG fans out there? I am an old school RPG’r from board games to PC as well as an 8 month stint…
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Check out my new workout routine Plus my modified way for calories/protein

I am going to get back up at my old weight so here is the old school work out plan(20 rep squats+milk) that…
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Hello from Maine

Hi Everyone! I would be a newbie in today’s world but have old school habits. I smoked as a teen in the late…
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Xbox 360 Castle Miner Z :O!

So I saw this indie game today called Castle Miner Z. It’s basically another knockoff of Minecraft, a theme very popular on the…
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Doom: The Rogue Like

DoomRL. (only registered users can se the link, login or register) Yeah pretty much nerd game for people who like really old school…
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Not gonna smoke on Xmas?

I guess Im not smoking today even though I wanted to. I giot my paycheck but cant cash it till monday, my dealers…
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