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Marijuana Patients Rally Against Fed Raid On Sacto Dispensary

Federal Actions Contradict Obama Administration’s Claims That It Is Not Targeting State Law-Compliant BusinessesThe operator of Sacramento’s first permitted medical marijuana dispensary, which…
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need some legal advice

i know theres another section for this but i figure i’d get an answer sooner here. i just got 2 suspension notices for…
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should i ask around for a hookup?

hey blades, as you may know I’m on vacation. i am skiing until sunday, and i ran out of weed:(. I hurt my…
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Laundry Operator Sentenced To Death For Marijuana

?A 39-year-old laundry operator in Malaysia was sentenced to death by the High Court there for “trafficking more than 1kg of cannabis last…
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Marijuana Advocates Appeal Conviction of Dispensary Operator

?Medical marijuana patient advocacy group Americans for Safe Access (ASA) on Tuesday appealed the September 2010 conviction of San Diego dispensary operator Jovan…
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Medical Marijuana Patient Rights On The Line In California

?The rights of medical marijuana patients and providers to have safe access to cannabis — approved by California voters 15 years ago, but…
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