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i suck so fucking bad at writing papers!

i’m a really smart guy. put a math problem in front of me and even if i’ve nb=ever seen that shit before i…
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Roach weed! What to do with it?

Ey y’all, as my ash tray fills up I take all the weed out of the paper and put it in another bag.…
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wanna ask a quest about using papers

is using bond papers or any common paper without a print is ok? Via (only registered users can se the link, login or…
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Subjective or Objective Courses?

Which do you like more? I’m about to take an online Japanese History course that I’m pretty excited about. However, after reading the…
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My first grow!! (bagseed)

Hey Grasscity jus started my first outdoor grow!! I did the paper towel methos to germinate my seeds and within 2 days the…
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Hey Man, Check Out My 1970s Weed Rolling Paper Collection

I’ve loved the culture of cannabis for a long time now. Not long after I first started smoking weed back in 1977, I…
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