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200w Solarflare D.P Think Different , Paradise Seeds Wappa, Dinafem Fruit all Autos!!

Whats up everyone, Been on this site some for a while. Recently purchased some Autos online and decided to give Think Different among…
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Dutch Passion Think Different Auto, Nirvana Northern Lights Auto – CFL, Closet Grow

Germinating them right now. Using 125 watt CFL and 4 T5 fluorescent. Fox Farm soil and nutrients. Via (only registered users can se…
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Study Choice, HELP!

Ok guys, I need your help. I’m having trouble choosing a study. The famous advise from parents and counselors ?finding your passion, do…
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Little help for the new guy :)

Start off with names mike and I’m new here 🙂 smoked a few times several years ago then stopped as I Progressed through…
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Curing -Question-

Hello, i have done my first cultivation and harvest of BlueBerry Dutch Passion. Im on the curing state right now… but it has…
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post your new music

gains for summer 2012 (only registered users can se the link, login or register) (only registered users can se the link, login or…
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