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Pencil cup scrubber – mounting?

I am doing two of the popular pencil cup scrubbers. Like this:http://forum.grasscity.com/do-yourse…zen-style.html My question is: how do I mount one of these to…
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wind stress?

Hello fellow tokers. Been lurking about for a bit and just recently started my first grow. Here are some details of my setup…
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pc fan help

I’m getting ready to set everything up for my first grow evar… excited as a jew during Quanza. jk a bit more excited.…
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Yes another Vent question

First things first this is my FIRST grow lol I bought the plants off a buddy of mine theyre about a month old…
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my sprouts aren’t growing

so it’s been a week since my fast bud auto’s sprouted and the second set of leaves is just starting now, is this…
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ploke’s 1st grow – 1 plant 200w CFL stealth SCROG – Pineapple Chunk

Hey GC. I’ve been mostly lurking here for about a year but I’ve finally gotten to a point where I’m able to start…
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