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Transplanting rooted clones to soil

I just transplanted my rooted clones that I bought from a dispensary into soil. They were in peat pellets and I took them…
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Germinating Lowryder 2s

For germinating Lowryder 2s is it ok to put them in moist peat pellets in a container with saran wrap over it and…
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Sprouts were fine, woke up and they weren’t. Help?

Alright, I bought some decent seeds a little while ago. Yumbolt 47, after a disastrous bagseed grow (balls every where). After much deliberation…
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Royal Queen Seeds – Blue Mystic – the buds gave a nice relaxing smoke with a fruity spicy

The seeds were sown into jiffy7 peat pellets and put into a propagator under a 125w environlite. Once sprouted I do not like feminized…
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Strawberry Cough – Dutch Passion – Strawberry Cough is very intense

From x2 (feminized) Strawberry Cough seeds, x2 mother plants were grown. Each mother gave the same amount of clones. The clones were rooted…
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