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Power Africa, anyone?

Hi GC. Seedsman Power Africa tempted me, had some nice smoke with DP Durban but was keen to get a Durban hybrid with…
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Global Atheist Convention.

Hey Peeps. I am Attending the Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne Australia this weekend. Just seeing if there are any blades out there…
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everybody likes a first timer!

wutup IC peeps! Well I’m about 2 weeks into my first grow. Lookin to get some feedback on what I’m doin right and…
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Magic the Gathering

lol so yeah… 21 years old… more then a decade into the card game… and im just starting to get into it lol…
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Trouble Makers

So there are some new peeps that are stirring up drama again. While doing some simple web searching by typing in a certain…
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chhhyyyy everybody ….Im Doctor Iz! – New to Providence RI

Hi fellow children of the herb, I am new to Providence, and like all have joined this site for its potential for networking…
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