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i suck so fucking bad at writing papers!

i’m a really smart guy. put a math problem in front of me and even if i’ve nb=ever seen that shit before i…
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Custom bongs?

Where can I find a website, place or person who makes Custom bongs (nothing outraigous ) for around $300??? looking to get my…
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How did i get over this 1 st love of mine

Ive been seeing this girl for the past year.and in the short time i knew her my life all changed its like i…
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Doing my part, telling my story.

As of about a month ago, something within me snapped. I reached a point where I said enough is enough, and i’ve become…
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oo-ooh, that smell.

if i had cannabis growing in my house and were beginning to notice the smell (still during vegetative stage), despite being a person…
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LED Question

I gotta say; I love LEDs … the reduction in heat is tremendous, plants love them, lower energy costs … what’s not to…
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