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Outdoor Grow Diaries : CK’s Out door activity

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: CK's Out door activityPosted: 24March2012 at 13:09 hi everyone im going to…
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Virtual Sun Hydroponics

Can anyone tell me anything about Virtual Sun 600w MH/HPS Dimmable Digital with 6" enclosed cooling hood? Also, any opinions on the MH…
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2 tents for veg/flower – need help

Ok, so I’m planning out my perpetual harvest and have run into a couple obstacles. Given: – Flower tent size: 2’x3’x5′ lighting: 300w…
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Wanted please: CHART – fert strength vs week of growth

I’m an old soil-hand, but brand new to hydro and I just got my pH and EC meters this week. I get the…
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Light and Foliage density theory Maximizing g/watt

Intro These are my thoughts on how to maximize yield per watt. I know it is long, but if you read the entire…
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very cheap grow

I’ve been reading threads for a while that state all of these special requirements for plant growth. I have a 1 x 1…
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