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Just thought of plastic wrapper while I am high and how it could cause cancer.

While I was cooking wonton high: I thought maybe Microwave Wrapper is why people get cancer. Because people accidently break it into their…
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Cheeses Future Haze 2.0 Grow "Aged"

Hey everyone, after a very successful run with cfl bulbs I’ve decided to up the ante and go with some HID. Now, the…
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200w Solarflare D.P Think Different , Paradise Seeds Wappa, Dinafem Fruit all Autos!!

Whats up everyone, Been on this site some for a while. Recently purchased some Autos online and decided to give Think Different among…
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Kandy Kush Grow Log

Hello I’m starting a kandy kush grow, this will be my first grow. I started a seed on the 28th, popped like 36…
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Indoor Growing : tiny black bugs (or turds) on tops of leaves

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: tiny black bugs (or turds) on tops of leavesPosted: 01August2012 at 13:35…
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Weird smell from stone pipe

So, a few months ago, I go into my LHS and see a cool little pipe for about $5. I ask him if…
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