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Indoor Growing : Trimming Questions.

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: Trimming Questions.Posted: 11September2012 at 15:10 the point of a sog is that…
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The United States lost the Vetnam War

So essentailly the Vietnam war was trying to stop Communism from spreading from the north to the south. So the USA sends in…
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German Cannabis DUI Law Excludes Medical Marijuana Patients

UsualRedAntA 5 ng/ml cutoff point is simply wrong, according to Michael Knodt of Germany’s Hanf Journal, the largest German cannabis magazineStringent Cutoff Point…
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Stealth Grow Boxes

I want to do something awesome for my boyfriend’s birthday. He’s always seeing stealth grow boxes online and I would like to build…
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another bong water thread

When I’m smoking by myself I tend to get lazy and not want to get up and dump out some water from the…
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How to spend my first day off a 10 day t-break

Okay, so I was forced to go on a 10 day t-break because I went on vacation to Croatia. I’ll be back home…
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