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The things some people think.

So my friend got an oz of some no-name regs to sell and I bought an eighth. I was talking to him today…
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How much does a plant produce on average?

Hoe much does your typical plant produce on average?Via (only registered users can se the link, login or register)
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Will seeded auto produce auto againg?

I?m sure this has been asked but I couldn?t find it anyway If I buy male and female auto and let them go…
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Stoney’s LST/TIE DOWN plant training

There were a few members that showed interest in the way I train my girls. Below are some shots of my girls in…
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Hit on a 14 year old girl and saw my ex today

So me and my friend go to safeway today. I basically woke up came on GC made a thread crying because i thought…
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Theories on t5 lighting

I will be using a T5 4×48" lighting system for my first grow. It comes with ultra blue spectrum grow bulbs that produce…
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