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THC Capsules Fail To Slow Progress Of MS: Clinical Trial

examiner.comCannabis capsules do not slow the progression of multiple sclerosis (MS), a large clinical trial has concluded. But while researchers were disappointed by…
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Sandbox GBA games?

Are there any fun sandbox GBA games? I play them on my phone a lot when I get fucked up.. but since I’m…
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Stormtrooper Helmet – Charcoal

Here’s a piece I was working on that ended up becoming a birthday present. Three progression photos: Via (only registered users can se…
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Marijuana-Like Compounds Effective Against Late Stage AIDS

?Marijuana-like compounds can inhibit the multiplication of human immunodeficiency (HIV) virus in late-stage AIDS by acting on viral receptors. The results are from…
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Become A Time-Traveller

Space-time coordinates are based on imprints, which have static time-lines associated with the frequency of that particular reality-model. Every individual reality-model has its…
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Missionary Church of Kopimism

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! I come bearing information of a new religion recently recognized by Sweden! It’s like a slap in the face of…
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