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Texas man burns down apartments making fake weed, sued by neighbors

As if making criminals out of marijuana users and growers wasn’t bad enough, Now we’ve got people becoming criminals for making fake marijuana…
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Adam Kokesh, Iraq War vet and radio host, arrested at Philly pot rally

Every month for the last five months, cannabis activists, advocates, and supporters gather together in downtown Philadelphia in a pro-marijuana protest they have…
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NAACP Endorses Oregon Marijuana Legalization Measure

Street Knowledge MediaMeasure 80 Replaces Marijuana Prohibition With Common-Sense RegulationThe National Association for the Advancement for Colored People (NAACP) Alaska Oregon Washington State-AreaVia…
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Marijuana Law Reform Makes Governing Magazine Cover

As more and more public, economic and political attention is being cast towards cannabis legalization during the failed policy?s 75th birthday week, these…
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Group Unveils 2013 Initiative To End Cannabis Prohibition In WA

Sensible WashingtonThe nonprofit political organization Sensible Washington on Tuesday will announce they will be running a statewide initiative to repeal adult cannabis prohibition…
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Top 3 Mexican Presidential Candidates All Pledge Shift in Drug War

ColorLinesMexico’s Drug War has claimed more than 50,000 lives in five yearsAfter More Than 50,000 Prohibition-Related Deaths in 5 Years, Candidates Say Reducing…
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