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Yes, I burned my bud!

%th week of flowering. Came home to find two plants had burned their top buds under 400hps. Too close to the light. I…
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I literally took a shit in the woods today.

So I took my dog for a walk in the woods this morning like I do almost every day. Shes a beagle and…
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no more junkie roommate

young boy just left… what an ordeal i get out of my halfway house… kid gets kiccked out and we get a place…
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Brown dirt warrior seeds

Well I met the brown dirt warrior the other day in person. Got some of his seeds from his personal stock of what’s…
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puppy appreciation thread

i wanna see some cute fuckin puppies dagnabbit! post some pics for a nikka now! i’m too lazy to go find someVia (only…
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Puppy Kicking

Before class yesterday a group of us were talking and we were talking about test questions that give you easy points. One of…
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