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Job Question Urgent!!!

Okay so I know this has been asked before but let me just put it into a different question category. So I’ve been…
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Potential Reaction From Federal Government To States Legalizing Marijuana

The statistics show that it is likely that marijuana is going to be legalized at a state level, in at least one but…
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Magic Flight How does the mflb compare to the Solo or Davinchi?

Hi was just curious about this question.I own a mflb and am looking to possible pick up another portable vape.I just want to…
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How tall do plants grow?

Sounds like a simple question…hope it is! I have a room that is 4ft high and 2.2ft wide.. would that be sufficient for…
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oil extraction

Whats happenin everybody? I just cropped my first two plants, trimmed them and hung them up to dry. My question is I’m anxious…
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lemon balm question PLEASE HELP

cant seem to find the answer anywhere i doubt any1 else can i have a lil grow box setup for some clones i…
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