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Sooo I decided to make some QWISO

This is the first batch I have ever made. Used 91% iso in a plastic ziploc bag and a coffee filter. I washed…
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QWISO Question

Hey guys I just have a quck question on QWISO hash. Yesterday I did my first wash with whatever shake I had. Came…
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help with moldy weed

Hey GC, i harvested my blue hash plant about a week ago and to my dismay, my main cola was infested with mold…
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Can I make qwiso hash out of my 1 month old male plant?

Well title says it all. I vegged for 1 1/2 weeks at 24/0 then moved to 12/12 for about 3 weeks then saw…
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Quick question about QWISO haaaash

so im going to do a quick qwiso wash on my grinder and other paraphanalila (besides pipes, don’t want resin in my hash).…
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Pefecting the QWISO

So I need help to perfecting the QWISO. I have used 91% rubbing alcohol before, but now I am using 99%. So my…
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