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Steve Jobs: Resurrection (iPhone 5 Parody)

Steve Jobs: Resurrection (iPhone 5 Parody) Video(only registered users can se the link, login or register) Executive Producer: Jonas Diamond Animation Director: Denny…
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Just had a DMT hit in my dream?

Today I just had a DMT hit while dreaming (if your not familiar with DMT hit, its basically something your mind releases during…
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Overwatering possibly

I was wondering if anyone would give an opinion on growth of these two plants and possible reason for the drooping of leaves…
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7 Months later… After moving to FL

Around 7 or so months ago I moved to Florida from NY, I even made a thread about how I quit smoking weed…
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So one of my close friends is getting ready to go through a GED program to get his HS diploma. I wanted to…
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Earl Sweatshirt … *GASP*

Earl Sweatshirt’s return to rap was publicised as if he would have been able to revive the dying rap game and carry what…
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