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Can old resin be harmful.?

When ever i clean out my bong i put the resin away for if i ever need it, but i was going through…
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The International Cannabis Lounge : Aide pour la culture sous les tropiques (kenya)

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: Aide pour la culture sous les tropiques (kenya)Posted: 14July2013 at 21:13 Water…
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Is a vaporizer worth it for me?

Im getting kind of tired of using a pipe, the resin taste is gross, and cleaning doesn’t help much. I’ve tried vaporizing out…
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Have I been smoking paint? Glass Dust?

Hey guys! I know it’s not typical for pipes to be made with real paint, but some grimy pipes from china/japan have done…
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How high do dabs get you?

In my six years of toking, I have yet to vaporize hash on a healthstone or nail and dome, although I would like…
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What’s one of the best or easiest way to make some hash or resin… and at least much weed or trimming needed all…
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