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Feds Move To Silence Platshorn, Derail The Silver Tour

Sun Post WeeklyRobert Platshorn spreads the truth about cannabis through The Silver Tour. Now the federal government has moved to silence himFederal Officer…
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fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

So our family cat decided to dart out of the fucking house while I was BBQing… After a little while of searching for…
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Toro: Double Macro vs Microverter

I don’t usually splurge on glass but I’m getting a nice tax return this year and I’m always wanted a Toro. Also, A/L/T…
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A question concerning stealthy growing

Hello, Grasscity. I’ve been smoking consistently over the past year or two and would like to start growing a small plant for personal…
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Help me decide where to do.

I think I’m posting this in the right section, if not feel free to move this. I am hopefully getting an ounce at…
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Tax sites to file Federal for free

Hey blades, so I am coming to you for some advice. I went to e-file my taxes today on TurboTax only to find…
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