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Outdoor Grow Diaries : Greenhouse Grow: WL White Widow and White ICE

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: Greenhouse Grow: WL White Widow and White ICEPosted: 15September2012 at 16:37 Well…
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Would spiritual evolution result in greater challenges or greater rewards?

Is spiritual evolution like early human evolution where everything is hard at first then things get easier? Or is it constant struggle to…
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Cold season + *NEW* robitusson = whoooa!!

I think I caught something from those filthy people at the Salvation Army last week. I came down a head cold but thankfully…
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the film "Waking Life" discusses everything we do in here

From the nature of the cosmos, to the acceleration of Human evolution, to where we are today in the modern world. we have…
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My cheap bubble bag adventure

So I got a set of bubble bags, 1 gallon 8 bag set, and held onto them until I had something to run…
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White Widow – Royal Queen Seeds – True to her name, she has a frosting of white crystals

Undoubtedly a good example of what represents a White strain plant with a big Indica influence, fairly low yields, but strong buzz and…
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