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Need help with deficiency in flowering room, growing in Coco ( Have pics )

Hi there, I have been growing a long time, but I just started again from a long break. My medium is Canna Coco…
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Growcheeb’s first indoor grow – 400w hps sog closest grow.

Before i start massive thanks for the warm welcome and to derp for getting me onto this site. The Plan: After looking at…
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3rd Grow : Still Dreaming

3rd Grow : Still Dreaming So my first was documented right off the bat here: (only registered users can se the link, login…
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Canna Rhizotonic .25 Liter 250mL Root Additive Nutrient

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New CoCo Grow!!!

hi all…ive been doing a lot of research on coco coir and it is something id really like to try growing in…since its…
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Strawberry Cough – Dutch Passion – Strawberry Cough is very intense

From x2 (feminized) Strawberry Cough seeds, x2 mother plants were grown. Each mother gave the same amount of clones. The clones were rooted…
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