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Going after dreams

So I’ve decided to chase my dreams. I’m going to become the greatest rapper of our time. I’m not trying to sound egotistical…
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Stoners Snowboarding 101

HIGH TIMES takes it to the peaks, blazing up smoke shacks from coast to coast with our own smoking/shredding team. This time around,…
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German Rap

so this dude is actually fucking good. i know you dont understand shit but the rhymes are awesome. give your opinion (only registered…
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reggae concert this weekend

Hello :wave: Im seeing tribal seeds this weekend in santa ana, at the galaxy theater(been there before) Ive been to a reggae concert…
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Smoke with me, The MC

Just copped a nice bong with hella percs, about to burn this sour diesel up. What yall burnin on? O, feel free to…
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Favorite mac miller song?

Personally, my favorite is " Poppy" from his K.I.D.S. mixtape. Some people hate him, some people love him. I’ve been listening to him…
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