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Weird shit in the sky

Yo, last friday was my mates birthday yeah, and we were all high as fuck in this forest area, super chilled place right,…
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Re: Tucker Max quote of the day

Stripper ?Well, that?s your opinion, and you know opinions are like ass- holes, right? Everyone?s got one.?Tucker ?Opinions are NOT like assholes. You…
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Sage and Diesel. Most recent outdoor grow. Opinions?

Beginning of July (diesel left sage right)(only registered users can se the link, login or register) Sage (plant on right in each picture)…
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Really interesting – complete perspective change.

I just came across this and thought it was super beautiful and interesting. Definitely worth reading. One of the best things I’ve read…
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first time cloner

hi good people:hello: im a newbie and its my first time cloning and would really appreciate some advice:wave::wave: im wondering about lighting and…
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Questions before I start growing.

Hey guys. I’m going to move to Switzerland in a couple of weeks and I had a few questions before I started growing.…
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