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experienced grower needs help – termites

I don’t post often because the answers are already online – just have to research. But I’ve got a great question about termites.…
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Height Confusion – First time project

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: Height Confusion – First time projectPosted: 24January2012 at 13:01 The conditions described…
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Joint Doctor Diesel Ryder 400w LED/600w hps coco grow diary

Okay so i’m new here as well as to the art of cultivation and this is will be my first grow. I’ve been…
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Accidental cross

This is going to be my first journal here. I figured I will chronical the journey of my accidental cross. I have a…
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First Time Hydro OG kush RDWC bubble bucket SCROG

Wanted to try my first hydro grow. Used Rumple’s bubble bucket how to. Made it so damn easy, thanks Rumple. Got some OG…
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water/feed from bottom or top?

Any theories out there? I like watching my plant suck up water from the drip tray. I can almost here her slurping, I…
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