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Critical x W.Widox from Free Tibet

These new seeds were for testing. The parents were Critical from Royal Queen Seeds and W.Widow x Free Tibet from So7omon Seeds.The seeds…
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Royal Automatic is a feminised auto flowering variety from Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Automatic is a feminised’auto flowering’ variety from Royal Queen Seeds, and this report covers the staggeringly fast grow/ bloom period of this…
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Royal Queen Seeds – Blue Mystic – the buds gave a nice relaxing smoke with a fruity spicy

The seeds were sown into jiffy7 peat pellets and put into a propagator under a 125w environlite. Once sprouted I do not like feminized…
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Royal Automatic Cannabis Seeds – Royal Queen Seeds – Overall the Royal Automatic was quick and easy to grow

x3 seeds were sown from a packet of Royal Queen Royal Automatic into a damp tray of coco fibre in the glasshouse at…
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Critical – Royal Queen Seeds – Critical is a very spe¬cial variety

Critical is an Indica-dominant strain from the garden of Royal Queen Seeds. Her Sativa-influences are not un-noticeable in this weed’s high. But all…
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Flower Power – Royal Queen Seeds – Flower Power showed a unique blend of nuances

Here we are with the first article of a new series with official Royal Queen Seeds photographer Kike L. Over the next few…
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