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Running out of time :(

Ive got a Super Silver Haze. She was planted May 1st and its now Sep 3rd and still no real signs of budding.…
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Cheeses Future Haze 2.0 Grow "Aged"

Hey everyone, after a very successful run with cfl bulbs I’ve decided to up the ante and go with some HID. Now, the…
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Help me with a fitness plan

Hey guys, So finally decided to join the gym again! Can anybody help me out with a fitness plan? My goal is to…
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Re: House passes Ron Paul’s Fed audit bill.

(only registered users can se the link, login or register)I like Ron Paul, too bad he cant get enough traction to make a…
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Stealth Grow – CFL – Cinderella 99 Clone

Hey GC, this is my second stab at growing. Built my box from an old TV from the ground up. This time around…
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smoked with mexicans, damn near got stabbed

fuckin’ animals.. i was at costco walking inside when i looked over and saw these two mexican dudes in a run down festiva…
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