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His has not ben a good week for me and am wondering if GC could help put me in the right direction !…
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Is this a calyx? or a pollen sac or seed? did my plant turn into a hermie?

Hey guys woke up this morning and saw a few of these on my plant wondering if my plant turned into a hermie…
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Road Trip: In Search Of Good Medicine In Sac Town

She’s The Brains, He’s The Strains: On The Road With Craig & SharonStory and Photos by Sharon LettsStrain Review by Craig Carroll???????Introduction: Changing…
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when shud i flower

Hi every1 i have a vanilla kush plant which is starting to show signs of sex, it has realy tiny little white hairs…
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Rules to Never Get Busted

If you only follow these rules really good,it’s nearly impossible to get busted by the cop’s.;) Never leave your place of residence with…
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Never Buy Bud Off Craigslist

so I was chillin at a buddys place and we were down to blaze. all my dealers weren’t pickin up their phones, so…
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