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Salvia (First time)

So I bought a gram of 20x Salvia online, had properly cleaned out my bubbler, and prepared everything prior to tripping (If one…
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Bought glass screen, got "freak-out" high – ?!?!

So really I’m posting this to see if anyone else has experienced this. Yesterday I bought 3 glass screens from a local headshop;…
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Chocolate tye smoking oil concentrate

My last post I wasnt clear enough and people thought I was talking about salvia or other stupid stuff. My question is: anybody…
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Thinking about trying wild dagga

I was looking at wild dagga on here it says it gives you a euphoric sensation, but I’m wondering if it’s a hullicengenic,…
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First time with salvia

Hey me and a few friends want to buy some salvia and try it out. None of us have smoked it before and…
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Juicy Jay’s ashtray giveaway!

Hey guys! I’m giving away what I believe to be a cool maybe collectible Juicy Jay’s ashtray. I originally bought the ashtray because…
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