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Bill Would Lift Medical Marijuana Evidence Ban In Federal Court

Americans for Safe AccessThis photo was taken in 2003, at the time the first “Truth in Trials” Act was introduced. Rep. Sam Farr…
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First time help, anyone?

So I’m 24, and I live in Sydney. My mate sells weed, so I’m gonna buy some green off him this week. I’m…
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3 leaf seedling! Little cutey

Hehe check out my Green house seeds Superbud seedling. Shes a little mutant. Attached Images (only registered users can se the link, login…
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Nice Packed Bowl

Gonna be a great Night of Nazi Zombies Attached Images (only registered users can se the link, login or register) (823.5 KB) Via…
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FlowaMasta’s 1 plant monster 600HPS+UVB

Ok here goes…..2nd post on the site, thought i’d share my plant with you guys, see if anyone likes my style of growing…1…
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my areas finally running out of local outdoor , so im getting back into the indoor, and boy am i happy, i love…
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