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Do they have good weed in Baltimore?

Do they have good weed in Baltimore? I know its a drug capital and all that but I’d just like a general idea.…
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Good hybrid strains?

I feel like I’m been smoking one type of strain or another, and I am wondering: what are some good sativa/indica strains to…
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New dank Pickup! noname MasterKush Ambrosia IslandSweetSkunk Skywalker Bella Mkultra

So I picked up some new kinds (except the master kush same thing but more crystally than the last batch) of super premium…
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What to buy?

Hey, my dealer currently has the following strains to mix and match for 180/ounce. Which should I choose? Should I get half of…
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The Quest of Strain Searching (finding your perfect zone)

I find myself the majority of the time searching for descriptions of strains that will provide me with certain benefits. I have noticed…
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Tips/Help with my outdoor guerrilla soil mix please!

I’m getting ready for my first outdoor grow this summer, guerrilla style. I’m totally overwhelmed with all the soil mixes I read on…
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