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How can I ask someone for weed when I barely talk to them?

There is a kid I don’t know very well in my school. I don’t talk to him outside of school that much and…
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How do I know if a drug dealer from my school is trustable?

Title says it all, he seems kind of sketchy, im a new toker, he goes to my school, if he rips me off…
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So one of my close friends is getting ready to go through a GED program to get his HS diploma. I wanted to…
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Is your boss/manager a nice person?

I was feeling down for like 2 weeks and my employers let me taheke a break. They understood. And now I’m getting classes…
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Hello from Maine

Hi Everyone! I would be a newbie in today’s world but have old school habits. I smoked as a teen in the late…
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Just a tAste Pre Harvesting

I live in The Deep South Hot Humid Hellhole of Louisiana in a country town where anywhere you go you are 1000 feet…
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