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Can i run BF3?? Help

So I’ve been playing a lot of MW3 and my friend keeps telling me to get BF3, I used the site below to…
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11:11 11/11/2011

Here in Norway 11:11 11/11/2011 was like two minutes ago. Look at the clock in this screenshot. Some crazy shit, huh? (only registered…
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ShouldI I laugh or be mad?

So I’m sitting here with my two friends (right now) we will call them J and T. Me and J came down to…
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illuminati salute

whether the illuminati of the music industry is real or not, its still kind of strange that every artist that is apparently in…
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Cowboys And Aliens (2011) TS Xvid – TaRiQ786

Cowboys And Aliens (2011) TS Xvid – TaRiQ786 Language: English 1h 53m | TS | avi | 720 x 304 | XviD @…
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Blitz (2011) 480p x264 700MB HQ-iNSANE

Blitz (2011) 480p x264 700MB HQ-iNSANE Language: English 1h 37m | BRRip | Mp4 | 720×304 | XviD @ 868 Kbps | AAC…
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