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Sea of Green

My first sea of green. 33 plants. A mix of high grade seeds. Durban poison, skunk #1, early California, ak 47, sour diesel,…
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An Overview of Cannabis Training (ScrOG, SoG, FIM, Supercrop, LST, etc.)

Hey guys, i found this on another forum and thought it was so well done and full of valuable information that i’d repost…
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Growroom build & Log

Well hello GC! :wave: I apologize that I was unable to finish the SLH sog journal for you, life just got in the…
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Thoughts on shallow, wider pots? Sea of Green

I’m thinking down the road to my first major investment in lighting. The choices between HID, T5, LED, CFL. I am leaning towards…
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sog-y Q’s

let me see if i got this all correct. sea of green is cramming a but load of clones into a box and…
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Indoor Growing : sea of green q`s

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: sea of green q`sPosted: 03May2011 at 08:42 just wondering how many plants…
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