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Strange buds on bigbud

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: Strange buds on bigbudPosted: 12September2012 at 13:22 No problem! It was completely…
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When do I add water to my seedling 1wk old (In hydro)?

Hi, So it’s been a week or so, and the seedling is about 2.5" from its rockwool cube and a root is slightly…
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Common sense is it is good to stretch after exercise or working out. I didn’t know static stretching (hold stretch for like 15sec)…
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Just hit the bong for the first time ever!

So im really high right now, only because i got my first bong ever (ordered from the GC shop) in the mail today,…
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New ink : Need some input

Hey guys and gals. I received some ink today from a buddy of mine, No professional but a great artist. Problem is, the…
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iPhone 4S camera speed test

is it true? can you take a pic every half sec with the new iphone? all in all… i took 40 pics in…
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