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The new superautomatics Cannabis Strain

Since the beginning of the 21 st century, the entire Western world has known a boom in the growing of cannabis destined for…
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0rtega Indica | The perfect soporific

Ortega Indica is the first medical strain officially classified as such by Dutch Passion. Its pedigree dates back to origi­nalstock from breeder Neville’s…
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Shantibaba – Mr. Nice Seeds – Interview

Following a series of interviews with some of the worlds leading cannabis breeders, it was about time Soft Secrets pulled their fingers out…
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Kannabis Seeds – a classic is back with renovations galore

In this seed bank interview, we speak to Pato, the manager of Kannabia Seeds, a seed bank that is back with a vengeance,…
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Kannabia Seeds – Afrodita & BCN Diesel

If there is a name that has always been linked to growing in Spain it has to be Kannabia. Over a great many…
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Northern Light x Big Bud – World of Seeds – Cannabis Seeds

We began growth by successfully germinating 12 seeds. After a little over five weeks’ growth, we had 55 cuttings. In ten days, all…
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