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When to flower?

After you grow your seedling and put them in bigger pots and start the vegetative stage with 18 hours of light, how long…
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William’s Wonder Regular Seeds

William’s Wonder is an indica dominant strain first produced by the Super Sativa Seed Club. It produces dense orange buds with a nice…
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Black Seed Regular Seeds

Black Seed is mostly a Mexican IBL that dates back to about 1974 and was fueled by early BC pot culture. It stands…
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Bubblegum Regular Seeds

Bubblegum was THSeeds’s first contribution to the seed world in 1993. Over the last decade it has proven, through numerous awards and world…
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0rtega Indica | The perfect soporific

Ortega Indica is the first medical strain officially classified as such by Dutch Passion. Its pedigree dates back to origi­nalstock from breeder Neville’s…
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Viable Cannabis Seeds

I’m a first time grower. How long does it take for a seed to sprout? I am growing indoors and using very good…
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