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purely hypothetical

Know of any seedbanks in the USA that will send to a non medical / legal state? First I want to say I…
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Pushing For Standards

So I want to start pushing some standards on to the seed industry. Seedbanks are competing for your business. What if when you…
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how to pay?

I was checking out nirvana and a couple other seedbanks and I think they said you must use a credit card not a…
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gc rated seedbanks Oct/Nov/Dec 2011

doing Oct/Nov/Dec concept: vote on seedbanks, via poll, multiple choice, just vote on what you have used and works for you. new poll…
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Cannabis Seedbanks with Oilseed and Fiber Variety???

I have close friends who successfully purchase Cannabis seeds that are flower cultivars from the Attitude seedbank. They grow the seeds to consume…
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American SeedBanks

This may come out as a silly question to some of you, but why aren’t there American Seed Banks? It’s legal for growing…
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