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Mineral (salt) water

I germinate my seeds by putting them in a washcloth saturated with bottled drink­ing water, then potting them. I am getting only 20…
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The new superautomatics Cannabis Strain

Since the beginning of the 21 st century, the entire Western world has known a boom in the growing of cannabis destined for…
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CANNABIS HISTORY – The Origins of Cultivation

The Reason WHY people cultivate cannabis and have incorporated the plant into their material culture is a mystery linked to our inquisitive nature…
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Critical x W.Widox from Free Tibet

These new seeds were for testing. The parents were Critical from Royal Queen Seeds and W.Widow x Free Tibet from So7omon Seeds.The seeds…
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Sleeskunk – DNA Genetics

Seeds germinated easily, and were transferred to a recir­culating drip system. Media was very perlite dominate: 8 parts perlite, 1 part hydrocorn, 1…
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Sweet Seeds 1st Diary Competition

An amazing contest that took the 3 winners to Amsterdam, where they received their trophies at the 2010 Highlife Cup In a singular…
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