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Makins proffesional clay extruder makeshift hash press

Just bought the makins professional clay extruder as a make shift hash press, it was 20 from a craft shop, cheapest press idea…
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His has not ben a good week for me and am wondering if GC could help put me in the right direction !…
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Need help asap – need to make a decision in 3 hours

Hi dudes. I am a long term spliff smoker (3 years i have been having 2 a night before bed ) including tobbacco.…
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Ice Bubble Bag Hash – Is This Enough Weed?

Hey, guys. Not to advertise what I do for a living, but I have been saving quallity hash material for the past few…
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Itza Fake

Itza Glass Company, Colby Itzlastein, Joey, and Nathan Graham are thieves….they stole 1250, I spoke to Colby "the owner" of the shop and…
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Indoor Growing : tiny black bugs (or turds) on tops of leaves

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: tiny black bugs (or turds) on tops of leavesPosted: 01August2012 at 13:35…
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