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Is this good for veg

(only registered users can se the link, login or register) My T5 setup is four 4 feet tubes. Will this light veg plants…
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Hash bag help

I need some help finding a bag set for sale. Probably going to use 5 gallon size bags. I would just like to…
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3 by 2 grow room lights

hy all i have a 3 foot by 2 foot grow room it is about 5 ft high im running cfls for veg…
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The easiest bubble cloner ever

well, here is what you need 1 bottle of RO water Rooting hormone (optional)(i use TakeRoot powder) 1 Drop of SuperThrive (optional) SMALL…
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Container suggestions?

:smoke: I looking for some container type and size recommendations? I am going to be using a 4’x4′ tent, considering 4-6 plants per…
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A little help for a newbie?

So, I’m looking to get (only registered users can se the link, login or register) or (only registered users can se the link,…
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