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Grow 2 – Skunk XL 3 plant scrog !

Greetings fellow growers. And welcome to my second indoor grow ! 🙂 With a lot of good leasons learned from my first grow,…
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Sensi Seeds – Skunk Kush®

Hello and Welcome to another Journal from OkayJoe®. http://img.sensiseeds.com/de/hanfsamen/sensi-seeds/skunk-kush-xl.jpg Breeder: Sensi Seeds Strain: Skunk Kush ( Hindu Kush x Skunk #1 ) Indoor…
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Grapefruit x Sweet Skunk – Chimera Seeds – 1800 Watts – PPK

Sowed nine seeds October 30 @ 10:00 pm. Rockwool saturated in 100 PPM FlorNova Bloom solution. 3 PPM R/O H20 used. Rockwool water…
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Da skunk jus dun n sprayed mah dawg!

I’m dog sitting for a friend this weekend. I am up at parents place finally having a relaxing weekend. At 2 am wake…
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New Entry, AF SUPER SKUNK // GROW Box 150x150x200 // 2x Lampade 600W

Ciao cari amici italiani, svizzeri e da tutto il mondo, siamo un piccolo gruppo che abbiamo appena messo assieme un po di spiccioli…
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feminized mix

Author: (only registered users can se the link, login or register)Subject: feminized mixPosted: 18July2013 at 16:17 Hi Wakatan and welcome on the forum.How old…
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