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1 Week Fast

Last night, I smoked my last cigarette. Today, I am starting a 1 week fast to rid my body of all the junk…
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during class

My situation is I go to high school. At the end of the day i have a 72 min long spare class where…
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Officials Say Marijuana Smell From Home Violates Zoning

Tom Perkins/AnnArbor.comNeighbors have complained that the smell of marijuana coming from 1397 Crestwood Street in Ypsilanti Township, MichiganA flag bearing a marijuana leaf…
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oo-ooh, that smell.

if i had cannabis growing in my house and were beginning to notice the smell (still during vegetative stage), despite being a person…
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MOLD or Trichomes? (lots of pictures)

Hey everyone, Just wanted to get some opinions on whether you think this is mouldy or just trichomes, the weed doesn’t smell bad…
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Italian Police Find Huge Cannabis Plantation In Railroad Tunnel

Guardia di FinanzaItalian police discovered a thousand marijuana plants growing in an abandoned railroad tunnelDrug Dogs Pulled From Tunnel In A SwoonIt’s always…
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