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So, how many of you have heard of one of the most glorious and timeless music genres, originating in Greece? Those guys used…
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Smoking at a concert

On October 6th me and a couple buddies will be going to a Manson and Rob Zombie outdoor Concert, down in Little Rock.…
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I’m new to this forum sow Hello Grasscity members ;-)

Hay there Grasscitty members Like i said i’m new to this forum and i wanted to say it looks realy good even the…
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De realization/noob toker

Hey guys. My third time smoking about 5 months ago i smoked alot and did not feel high so i kept going and…
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Pictures on instagram

Hello, I just created a instagram account, and are curious about uploading weed pictures to it. Is it safe to upload pictures of…
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7 Months later… After moving to FL

Around 7 or so months ago I moved to Florida from NY, I even made a thread about how I quit smoking weed…
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